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What’s on your TV?

The 2020 KCSD New Member Info Sessions are on line!

Are you are interested in learning about what it takes to join King County Search Dog team? The 2020 Membership program is on line this year.  The YouTube virtual information session is a great introduction to training and handling a search dog: Give it a look and then you can access the application and background forms on line at and  Completed applications are due by October 1st. For more information or questions contact

Search Dogs Save Lives!

What did you do on the 4th of July? King County Search Dogs was called out at 2:30 AM to help King County Search and Rescue and King County Sheriff’s Office search for a hiker in Kanasket Palmer State Park. Starting out shortly after daybreak K9 Natick, Josh, and Brittney (on only her 3rd deployment) found the subject and brought him safely out to the command post by 8AM.
Please join us in congratulating Josh, Brittney, Natick and all the other SAR volunteers who responded on a job well done!

Sad Update

King County Search Dogs has lost a trailing great. mADDee was a trailing standard bearer and deployed on over 100 search missions with her handler Joanne during her 13 year career.

mADDee had an exuberant and infectious working drive. She introduced countless KCSD recruits to the real meaning of ‘running’ a trail yet she often counted her out of breath support team at intersections to make sure she hadn’t lost anyone. mADDee seemed to have even more fun working when the conditions were harsh. She is fondly remembered having a great time blasting along training trails in heavy sleet with her support team jogging miserably behind her in the cold and wet. Nothing ever got in the way of her working and having a good time.

mADDee had the most joyful spirit and while she would work with gusto for anyone, real magic happened with Joanne on the lead. It was the sort of dog-human partnership you live a life to find. Team mADDee often made difficult trails seem easy and taught a generation of handlers how to be thorough and stay positive and patient no matter how difficult the task. They loved working together and made the most of every minute.

Rest easy puppy.

We are still here to help

King County Search Dogs have suspended all training sessions and in-person meetings to help manage the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Nevertheless, KCSD is continuing to respond to search emergencies working with the King County Sheriff’s Office to minimize risk to our members. For example, yesterday K9s Jet, Coulee, Natick and Lincoln were deployed on a search mission to help our search and rescue colleagues in Kittitas County.

KCSD is grateful for the support it receives from the community it serves and wants you to know our commitment is undiminished.

Go Jet Go !

Faster than a speeding bullet, It’s Jet the Search Dog!

Join us in congratulating K9 Jet and Handler Mathew on successfully completing their airscent pretest. True to her name Jet raced through 40 acres of forest and found her ‘lost’ search subjects in half the allotted time. Look for them zooming around at the next King County Search and Rescue mission.