Public Education

Presentations & Demonstrations  King County Search Dogs is invited to give many presentations on search and rescue dogs to school and camp groups every year. The talks are geared to the age of the students from kindergarten up and are designed to teach a few common sense personal safety tips as well as the role of search dogs in rescue missions. Handlers are able to do small search demonstrations with the dogs that are always entertaining. With the consent of the hosting organization, the demonstrations can include having the dogs search for students as well as having time for petting the dogs. KCSD demonstrations can be coordinated with related classroom activities and have included other units from the King County Search and Rescue Association.

Philanthropy & Awareness  KCSD is also participates in corporate and community events to help raise awareness of the value of highly-trained search dogs to the county as well as to do some tasteful KCSD fundraising.  Outdoor events can include fun search demonstrations as well as presentations. Please contact us if you would like to learn more or if you are interested in scheduling an event.

The students at John Muir Elementary really enjoyed having Belle, Jazz and Emmett visit earlier this year: