What’s on your TV?

The 2020 KCSD New Member Info Sessions are on line! Are you are interested in learning about what it takes to join King County Search Dog team? The 2020 Membership program is on line this year.  The YouTube virtual information session is a great introduction to training and handling a search dog: http://bit.ly/KCSDinfo2020. Give it a look and then you can access the application and background forms on line at https://bit.ly/KCSDapplication and https://bit.ly/KCSOBackground  Completed applications are due by October 1st. For more information or questions contact membership@kcsearchdogs.org.

We are still here to help

King County Search Dogs have suspended all training sessions and in-person meetings to help manage the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Nevertheless, KCSD is continuing to respond to search emergencies working with the King County Sheriff’s Office to minimize risk to our members. For example, yesterday K9s Jet, Coulee, Natick and Lincoln were deployed on a search mission to help our search and rescue colleagues in Kittitas County. KCSD is grateful for the support it receives from the community it serves and wants you to know our commitment is undiminished.