Search Dogs Save Lives!

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On June 21, 2022 five KCSD dog teams responded to a search for an 87 year old with Alzheimers missing overnight in thick woods northeast of Seattle. After working less than 45 minutes K9 Lincoln, Brenna O’Leary and Lincoln’s handler Jon found the subject in steep terrain less than half a mile from their house.
While we give our dogs the headlines, the full story is that a great outcome like this results from the teamwork of over twenty five volunteers from several King County Search and Rescue Units: Searchers from ESAR and 4×4 in addition to KCSD worked hard looking for the subject and even harder transporting them out of the dense forest and returning them to their family. SPART provided expert medical assistance. IST and the King County Sheriff’s Office coordinated the moving pieces from initial call out to final debrief. All volunteers coming together to help their neighbors in need.